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Our museum Staff are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who carry out the varied tasks that maintain, preserve and facilitate the daily operation of the museum and its tearoom.

Whatever your age, skills or availability, there are always opportunities for you to join us. If you think you could help us by giving a little of your time, we would like to hear from you.

To find out more and to see how we may be able to involve you in our work, please contact the museum manager via the contact page. Alternatively you can fill in the Volunteers application form below download the Volunteers Membership form the bottom of this page.

Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers

Some of our Tuesday volunteers

Museum of PowerMuseum of Power
Steam Pumping Station
Volunteer Recruitment Application Form

All potential volunteers are asked to complete a basic application form. This is because we require certain details to enable us to match you with appropriate roles that are mutually beneficial to you and The Museum of Power. We will conduct informal discussions with each volunteer recruit so we can review your needs and our requirements. Most volunteers will not require DBS checks (Formally CRB) unless volunteer roles require one to one contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Please Note:-  A Non-fee paying volunteer membership does not confer or imply any voting rights within Museum Of Power , nor does it entitle the volunteer to free entry to the museum except on those occasions when they may be rostered for duty within the museum.
For details of full paid membership please enquire.

All information will be treated as confidential

Section 1 - Personal Information

Forenames(s) Home Tel No.
Surname Mobile Tel No.
Address Email Address
Post Code    
Date of birth    
I am ........    

If other please specify... 

Section 2 - Please indicate areas / volunteer activities in which you would like to be involved with.

General Museum First Aid/Defibrillator Railway Operation
General Site Lilleshall Steam Pump General Administration
Educational Support Gardens and Surrounding Land Victorian Workshop / Old Boiler House
Exhibition Space Shows and Events Marketing and Publicity
Machine Shop Boiler House Operation Fund Raising

Section 3 - Please indicate at what times you may be Available
Will your commitment be on the following basis  

If other please specify... 

Volunteer positions are based availability of appropriate tasks within Museum of Power and. Staff and Volunteer time for initial training and supervision for the time you are with us. Please be aware that we may not be able to place all volunteers in desired roles due to constraints on staff and experienced volunteers time and the availability of appropriate work.

Section 4 - More about you

Previous Experience :- Please give a brief history of your main occupation(s) (paid and unpaid)

Education / Training / Qualifications :- Please give details of relevant education or Training with dates

Are you prepared to attend relevant MOP training?    Yes    No

Please describe why you are interested in becoming a MOP volunteer.

Please describe what you hope to gain from your volunteering at MOP. 

Do you have any special skills or interests which could benefit the MOP.

Do you or have you been a Volunteer at any other organisation.

Section 5 - Special Requirements

Do you have any special needs or medical conditions that you wish to tell us about.

In case of emergency please give contact details of Next of Kin or appropriate person

Contact Name Telephone No.

Section 6 - Membership
Are you interested in becoming a full member of Museum of Power?   Yes    No

Section 7 - Agreement

I agree to the above records and details being held by Museum of Power for administration purposes only, and that they will not be passed to any other organisation, and that I may ask for copy of any details held about me at any time. 

If the volunteer is under 18 years of age the Parent or Guardian is required to submit and agree to this agreement.
I am over 18 years old    I am the Parent / Guardian

If you are a parent or guardian of the applicant please state who you are...

All sections of this form must be completed by the applicant or in the case of a volunteer under 18 years of age by a parent or guardian. If you agree to the above agreement please click 'I Agree' otherwise 'Clear Form'.

If you prefer to submit your application by post you can by downloading a copy of this this form here. FormVolunteers Membership Form

All sections of this form must be completed. If an area does not apply to you please enter NA (not applicable)

We aim to contact you as soon as possible however please allow 7 days for full email confirmation and approval.

'We Believe in Making a Future for our Industrial Heritage'


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  • Becoming a Volunteer

    Our museum Staff are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who carry out the varied tasks that maintain, preserve and facilitate the daily operation of the museum and its tearoom. Read more about becoming a Volunteer.

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