Animation, Videos and Panoramic Picture Views

Lilleshall Steam Engine Animation

The 'Lilleshall' triple expansion steam pump animation

This animated diagram of a Triple Expansion Steam Engine was created by Martin Grounds of Kempton Great Engines Trust. Created to demonstrate the action of their own Worthington Simpson Triples it is also relevant to the general principle of Triple Expansion engines and also describes in detail the action of our own Lilleshall Engine.

Video's and Panograms

The Museum includes numerous power-related exhibits that will interest young and the not so young, with many working examples of various power sources, machinery, equipment and tools. This page contains a couple of videos and panoramic pictures made for the Museum.

Mobile users please make sure your mobile device is connected WI-FI before playing any video. The video stream file sizes varies on this website and also varies depending the browser you are using. Remember video streaming is data hungry!

Introduction Video - Museum of Power

A brief introduction video to the Museum of Power.

See a small glimpse of what the Museum has on offer. Included the Lilleshall ‘Marshall’ steam pump, the miniature railway, the working workshop, motor engines and much more.

Lilleshall Steam Engine

A more detailed look at the Museum and the Lilleshall ‘Marshall’ triple expansion steam pump that is now back on steam after 50 years. This video shows the 'Marshall' in action plus other attractions at the Museum of Power. View

The video forms a small part of a DVD produced by Avalon Video.

Panoramic View of the Museum of Power's Main Hall

360° panoramic picture view of the main Hall at the Museum of Power.
(No audio)

Panoramic View of the Museum of Power's Gardens

360° panoramic picture view of the gardens at the Museum of Power.
(No audio)

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