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Of Valor Works, Bromford, Erdington, Birmingham. Telephone: ERDington 1691. Telegraphic Address: "Valour, Birmingham". Also at Victoria Street, London, SW1. (1937)

Warming homes since 1890

The Valor trade mark was first used by a small business in Birmingham, England which began in 1890, to manufacture oil-storage cabinets principally for the Anglo-American Oil Company (subsequently better known as Esso). This business later expanded its product range to include kerosene heaters and millions of these appliances were sold world wide in the first half of the last century.

With the introduction of North Sea natural gas to Britain, Valor became the leading UK manufacturer of energy efficient gas burning fireplaces and by 1989, the Birmingham plant employed 750 people. Today, Valor is part of the Baxi Group with annual sales of home heating equipment in excess of $2 billion under many brand names

From humble beginnings in a small factory in Birmingham building paraffin heaters Valor has grown to be one of the most synonymous names attached to domestic fireplaces in the modern market.

By continually investing in research and development, Valor has stayed ahead of the competition, launching market changing products such as the first ever living flame gas fire, and the Homeflame gas fire, which adorned the homes of millions up and down the UK.

Today, Valor are still one of the most recognised names for home heating, with a reputation built on reliability, trust and most importantly safety. You know when you purchase a Valor fire you can do so in the upmost confidence it will serve you for many years to come.

Valor is a division of GDC Group Ltd, based in Southampton.

Valor's established history helps to develop the future

Valor constantly devotes time and energy into improving the way we do things and investing in the future. We have a dedicated team of experts in their field, who use a mix of time honoured methods and modern techniques to develop and innovate the products of the future.

And because we understand our products from start to finish, you an be sure they conform to the best quality.


Valor Oil Heater Advert 1934

Valor History

1890 - Valor company was founded, when a Birmingham-based manufacturer began selling oil storage containers., principally for the Anglo-American Oil Co.

1897 - Company incorporated

1902 - The production of oil heaters began. Used to warm draughty Victorian homes, this marked the birth of the first Valor heaters. The business later expanded its product range to include paraffin heaters.

1917 - Advert for Oil Cabinets, Waste Oil Filters and Fire Extinguishers. Of Oil Cabinet and Filter Works, Aston Cross.

1919 - Advert for Oil Cabinets, Waste Oil Filters and Fire Extinguishers. Of Oil Cabinet and Filter Works, Aston Cross.

1925 - New, larger factory built in Birmingham

1927 - Anglo-American Oil Co owned the company which made Valor Perfection Oil Cookers and Heaters which had led to increased sales of Anglo-American's oil products.

1936 - Public company: Rolav Co was formed to carry on the business of manufacture of oil heaters, etc, and to enter into agreements with Valor Co Ltd and others

1936 - Public company: The Valor Company Ltd was floated on the London Stock Exchangewhen its American parent was obliged to dispose of it to comply with new anti-trust laws in the United States.

1929 - Production at record 8,000 units per day

1937 - British Industries Fair Adverts for 'Valor' Fire Extinguishers. Also Oil Stoves and Heaters. Valor Oil Cooking, Heating and Boiling Stoves, Ovens, Oil Cabinets, Drums, Filters and Measures, Oil Storage Equipment, Steel Equipment for offices and works. (Building, General Heating and Cooking Section - Stand Nos. B.425 and B.324)

1937 - Storage equipment for lubricating oils. "Valor" Fire Extinguishers, Oil Filters and Steel Equipment for Offices and Works.

1938 - Aston Brass Co continued to be a satisfactory part of the business; its products were appreciated by the heating and plumbing trades.

1939 - WWII. The War Effort: Valor played a part in the War, extending product ranges to include ammunition boxes and fuel cans.

1961 - Manufacturers of oil heaters, boiling stoves and other oil consuming devices, oil filters, measures, transport cans and furniture, fire extinguishers, sanitary and engineers' brassware and hot brass pressings. 974 employees. The market for paraffin heaters collapsed, leaving the company in severe financial difficulty.

Having reviewed the future prospects for paraffin heating in the light of the increasing use of North Sea gas, Valor entered the market for gas-fired space heaters.

1946 - Valor lead post-war production

1966 - The First Valor Gas Heaters: Valor developed new products to meet rising expectations for better standards of living. The Valor 75 gas heater was quickly supplemented with the introduction of the Inca - the first wall mounted gas radiator.

1968 - Ideal Standard of Hull acquired Valor's cisterns, bathroom and soil pipe businesses

1967 - 1st gas fire manufactured by Valor

1972 - Built a new factory to produce gas cookers, a new business for Valor

1973 - Acquired Newhome-Veritas; share issue to pay for it

1979 - First 'living flame' gas flame fire - Valorflame - developed by Valor Quickly followed by their first LPG coal effect portable heater – Fyrglo, and the first compact portable LPG heater in the British market – Valorheat.

1982 - Valor pioneer High Efficiency with Homeflame (70%)

1984 - Valor continued to diversify by acquiring companies with well-known brand names and a significant position in the markets in which they operated

1987 - As part of this strategy it acquired the locks and security business Yale and Nutone of the United States, from First City Diversified; Yale specialised in locks and door closures, Nutone in installed electrical products for the home. This trebled the size of the business in terms of turnover and profits. Name changed to Yale and Valor

1988 - Acquired Ingersoll locks of Woking

1988 - Bought Elsy and Gibbons, makers of water heaters, from BICC

1989 - Valor launches 1st remote control gas fire

1991 - Yale and Valor was acquired by Williams Holdings

1999 - Valor introduce electric range

2001 - New, modern factory built in Birmingham

2006 - Launch of the all new High Efficiency Homeflame range

2007 - Launch of innovative Dimension range

2009 - Valor receive Queen's Award for Innovation

2010 - Valor launch the UK's slimmest High Efficiency fire

2011 - Launch of Valor Centre


Valor Advert

Valor Heater advert

Valor Advert

Valor Heater Advert

Valor Heater

Valor Heater

Valor Heater

Valor Heater


Yale and Valor's gas-fired space heater business was based in Birmingham, operated under the Valor brand name. Its products included the Homeflame gas fire, the Venetian open basket fire which provided live flames and a controllable heat output, and the Nevada wall-hung units.


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