Paxman Engines Co. Ltd. Colchester

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Paxman Valenta YJ

Valenta YJ: This cut-away section of a Valenta engine was donated to the Museum of Power via the Paxman Engines Co Ltd training school in Colchester. The number Y3J12512 recorded as the serial number is in fact the engine type identifier.

Thus; 'Y3' indicates that the engine is in 'V' form and is a Mark III (conceived as VJ Mark III) 'J' indicates that the cylinder bore size is 7.75 inches or 197mm. '125' indicates its application was for the 125 High Speed trains. While '12' indicates the number of cylinders. Note: further more detailed information on Paxman Engines may be obtained from Richard Carr's Paxman History Pages at

(Museum object number: M54)

Paxman Valenta



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Paxman Engines Co. Ltd. Colchester, Engines, 4RW, 16RAS, 6RQ, RHP and VK

Paxman 4RW

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