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Museum of Power

The Museum of Power
Steam Pumping Station, Hatfield Road, Langford, Maldon, Essex CM9 6QA
Phone: 01621 843183


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Children Playing

'We Believe in Making a Future for our Industrial Heritage'


  • Museum Introduction video

    The Museum includes numerous power-related exhibits that will interest young and the not so young, with many working examples of various power sources, machinery, equipment and tools. View our introduction video here.

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  • Becoming a Volunteer

    Our museum Staff are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who carry out the varied tasks that maintain, preserve and facilitate the daily operation of the museum and its tearoom. Read more about becoming a Volunteer.

    Read More »

  • Tea Room

    The Steam Pump Tea Room is a tastefully themed Tea Room situated in the former 1930's machine shop and is a lovely place to relax with friends or family and enjoy a break. Open Wednesday to Sunday.

    Read More »

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