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Belling and Co 1912 - Present

1884 Charles Reginald Belling was born at Bodmin, Cornwall. He served an apprenticeship in electrical engineering with Crompton and Co of Chelmsford.

He subsequently joined the staff of Ediswan at Ponders End.

1912 He started his own business in Lancaster Road, Enfield, manufacturing electric heaters.Belling revolutionised electric fire design with the creation of the Firebar in 1912 and was soon supporting the war effort by producing heating equipment for submarines.

1913 He acquired additional factory space at Derby Road, Edmonton. The range of products widened to include electric water heaters (1913) electric cookers (1919) and immersion heaters (1920).

1919 The brand's first complete domestic cooker was launched.

1920s The 1920s saw quick expansion, with a move to the 24,000 sq ft site at Bridge Works in Enfield and the launch of the legendary Baby Belling.

1924 A new purpose-built factory was opened in Southbury Road. The premises have since been progressively enlarged.

1925 The company returned to its Enfield origins and relocated to Bridge Works.

1930s In 1931 Belling launched the first 100 per cent enamelled cooker onto the market, unveiled the new and improved No.40 Baby Belling Cooker and became the first manufacturer to introduce glass doors to its ovens.

1935 Became private company.

1937 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. A wide range of "Belling" Electric Portable and Built-in Fires for the modern home. The famous "Baby Belling" Cooker and other models, with and with our Double-glass Oven Doors and Thermostats. (Stand No. Cb.413) [1].

1940s Belling played a vital role in the war effort of the second world war, abandoning cooker production temporarily to produce rifle grenades, incendiary bomb snuffers and multiple rocket guns.

1950s Soaring sales persuaded the company to purchase a new 30 acre site in Burnley in 1955. The new site was used solely for the production of all fires, allowing the Enfield factory to concentrate on the production of electric cookers of all shapes and sizes.

1955 Belling continued to expand their operation with the purchase of a second manufacturing site in Burnley.

1960s By the time of the company's Golden Jubilee in 1962 Belling & Co owned 70 acres of freehold property with more than a million square feet of production space and was manufacturing one heater or cooker every six seconds.

1961 Electrical heating and cooking apparatus manufacturers. 3,000 employees.

1962 the Belling 'Forty-seven' was Britain's most popular cooker.

1965 Charles Belling died.

1970s Despite the difficult trading conditions and the obvious restrictions of a three day week, Belling continued to innovate, unveiling the cooking sector's most important launch of the decade at the Electricity Council's Electric Living Exhibition – the first domestic fan oven - the 'Classic Double Extra'.

1970 Belling launched the Baby Belling 120.

1980s For Belling, the 1980s started with a bang with yet another UK first in the form of the first slot-in cooker – the Belling Format 600X Cook Centre. It was the first cooker to fit flush with kitchen cupboards.

1990s Belling was purchased by Glen Dimplex Group in 1992 and launched a product which would give home cooks a viable alternative to the Aga, without the heating provision or the need to change the way they cooked. The resulting Belling Farmhouse was the forerunner of every range cooker available today.

1992 Belling was acquired by the Glen Dimplex Group; a leading worldwide manufacturer of heating and domestic appliances including Dimplex and Morphy-Richards. The Chairman was committed to keeping the Belling brand and culture and unifying the Belling, Stoves, and New World brands.

2000s Belling commited to returning production of its cooking appliances back to the UK and launched some induction UK and world firsts, in the form of the FSE60i, first freestanding double oven with induction hob and the BI60i Eco Induction oven, the first built-in oven to use induction within the cavity.

As part of the 100 year celebrations, Belling unveiled the Centenary Collection - a suite of specially designed products, plus a calendar of events for retailers, customers and employees. With the help of Belling employees and Facebook fans a Charity of the Year will also be selected, to be supported by 12 months of fundraising activity.

To commemorate its centenary, Belling has developed a special badge that will be used throughout the year on a dedicated trade advertising campaign, point of sale materials and products. A new brochure and website will be unveiled and a limited edition Belling history book will also be produced that will chart the formation of the brand through to the present day.

Denver Hewlett, Chief Executive of Belling, said: "We are extremely proud of our heritage and all that the brand has achieved, so we intend 2012 to be a year of celebration that engages people with our history and rewards our customers and employees for all they have done to make Belling a great British brand."

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Belling and Co Cookers and Heaters

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Belling and Co Cookers and Heaters

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